Opportunity for Sophomores to be a Board Representative

Hello sophomores. This is Mr. Bowman, the superintendent here.


As you may or may not know, the Board of Directors chooses Board Representatives to be part of Board meetings. Each year, new student reps are chosen, and this year, we need one of you to be one of those representatives.


Here are a few duties on being a Board rep:


  1. You'll work with me as well as the Board to help evaluate decisions and policies. You attend each Board meeting.
  2. You'll learn the details of how a school district runs.
  3. You'll gain leadership skills and you will be expected to present at different times to the Board.
  4. You'll be one of the news anchors for our monthly newscasts.


The time commitment is a few hours each month, with 2 evening meetings usually each month as well. Most of the time our meetings won't conflict with any sports or activities you may have.


Serving as a Board rep will push your leadership skills and abilities and will also look great on applications and resumes. 


I know it's not for everyone, but if you think you could represent the students of NV well and want to grow as a person and in knowledge, I invite you to apply.


The process is easy. Go to:  https://forms.gle/ZXLSuN3dFmcUTFUd9 and fill it out.  


The applications are due fairly quickly on February 12th. Once the applications are in, the Board will look at all of them and either choose one person or decide to interview finalists.


Thanks for your consideration.

-Mr. Bowman